Animation interactive learning methods

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Animation interactive learning methods

Studio Analoog

Animation Interactive Learning Methods

Basic math levels reached by students within vocational institutions raised alarm bells because students couldn’t seem to realise the proper level. Studio Analoog saw the possibility for innovation, and took up a study to find out whether animations could have a positive effect on learning.

We gathered some conclusions and, based on those, organised user tests with a prototype. A student then used this prototype to scan a math problem with his or her tablet or smartphone and then, through augmented reality, view a custom made animation that explained the problem. We continue to have some very positive results with this product. Proof of how effective a solution it can be.

We developed a motion graphics animation that explains (in Dutch) how the application works. How it makes use of video images that combine simple motion graphics. The animation informs publishers and educational institutions, but the principle also inspires them.

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