Insight: Altexo 3D videostreaming

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Insight: Altexo 3D videostreaming

Always wanted to create or use real-time holograms to integrate into virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D web & desktop applications or just a “3D skype” experience? Altexo is going to make it happen!

Altexo is giving you the freedom to make your own images or videos and convert them to 3D objects. It has the tools and services to capture, encode, store and stream data from a 3D sensor.



Here at Studio Analoog we’re always interested in new and innovative technology such as this one. The privilege of converting images to 3D objects will give us new possibilities to communicate our hand-drawn impressions with our clients.

Communication upgrade aside, it could save a bunch of time remaking complex products to 3D objects. Another great perk is the creation of digital holograms of human beings for character inspiration, design and animation.

Although this rad piece of technology is still in beta and there is not much information available, it has a lot of potential already.

You can sign up to get an early access like we did. Have a look!


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