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Why business presentation animation?

Instead of using a powerpoint or keynote template, take your business presentation to the next level with the addition of animation. An annual budget report translated into a moving infographic, a newly developed app interface set in motion, or a recently launched product line presented through photographs and animated typography; there are plenty of possibilities to add animation to your professional business presentation. We can animate a presentation from scratch, or combine your own existing imagery, photography or video into an animated end result.

Variety of techniques

We offer services that help you convince and activate your target audience with our up-to-date knowledge of animation and your knowledge of your brand, we like to collaborate on a custom made solution. As a full service creative animation studio we use several techniques that will bring your animation to the next level and show the world what your service, product or process is all about.


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A selection our projects that make us and our clients proud

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538 infographic presentation

Cambridge Innovation Centre

CIC Groothandelsgebouw

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CIC Groothandelsgebouw

Check out our portfolio and get inspired by our storytelling, design and production.

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With 15 years of international experience we create animations that reach and activate your target audience

In our collaborations we like to involve you during every step of the project. With a combination of our knowledge of animation and your knowledge of your brand we create designs that appeal to your target audience and reflect your company.





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