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Normal Map Camera app by Chainbreak Studios

An exciting new app for generating your own normal maps

One of the techniques used for creating depth and realism within a 3D scene is by the use of normal maps. Normal mapping is a method which generates an optical illusion of details on a flat surface through light from a particular angle. Chainbreak Studios will launch an app which makes it possible to easily generate your own normal maps with only a smartphone and a flashlight! A small demonstration is made in the their video below:

A faster work-flow

In the process of making a normal map you generally have to manipulate an image (diffuse textures) with external plug-ins in order to prepare the image for a 3D scene. This might involve a lot of post-processing  to correct little errors. With this app you can generate your own diffuse maps and normal maps efficiently at the same time. Which makes it not only faster but it also gives you the option to create you own analog textures upfront and convert them to a digital file. In addition it’s also possible to test the map in the app itself. Studio Analoog can’t wait for this app being launched and being one of the first to try it out!

Take a look at their website or hit the like button on their Facebook page for regular updates on the app. 

(Images by Chainbreak Studios)

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