Insight: Online Mobile videomarketing


Insight: Online Mobile videomarketing

Mobile video content is growing, as primetime television is no longer the leading platform for reaching out to customers. According to one in three adults between ages 18 and 54 uses their mobile phone as their primary device for watching online video. Now you can watch online video anywhere at anytime of the day which opens a ton of opportunities for brands to communicate their ideas in new exciting ways.

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With the average attention span of 8 seconds, a visitor of a website is more likely to skip through a text-based website, where as it comes to a video on your homepage, this attention span can increase up to 2 minutes. Which doesn’t mean a brand should cram as much information as possible into one 2 minute video; the use of multiple short video’s or .gifs can be just as effective.

For an animation studio, or any other creative for that matter, marketing is not only essential for the studio itself. Creatives fulfil an important role in any solid marketing strategy. Our job is not just to make eye catching designs, but also consider how these designs will fit into the bigger marketing picture for the customer.

As the professions of animator and marketer merge together, we have to shift our focus to mobile in order to stay at the head of the game and engaged with the audience. Since there is no restriction to the primetime commercial break any longer, brands can now connect with the audience on a more regular basis resulting in a strong repetitive form of exposure. Studio Analoog is implementing these new strategies using mobile video in order to help you reaching out to potential customers.
What are the possibilities for your brand?


For an interesting example of the subject, check out this video below made by the Youtube Advertisers:


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