Insight: Render Research

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Insight: Render Research

During the months between September 2017 and February 2018 I have had the opportunity to work at Studio Analoog as a 3D intern. This internship served as the graduation assignment towards obtaining my BSc of Science. Through this work, I had established the goal of researching 3D rendering, specifically what methods and tools can deliver the best results within Studio Analoog’s production pipeline.

The central research question was defined as: Which render engine is the best choice for Studio Analoog for the next several years and even beyond?

The study was divided into three main parts: gathering data, analyzing it and a testing phase. For all three parts, it was very important to establish the criteria that validate the information obtained. This was done both in regards to general standards of quality for today’s market as well as specifically tailored based on the studio’s workflow and needs.



This step proved to be of extreme importance towards the successful completion of the research mainly because it determined what can be used for the research and what not. For example, one criteria was software compatibility between the 3D programs. Studio Analoog uses Cinema 4D as their 3D content creation tool

, this means that any external rendering programs tested need to be compatible with it. If not, then regardless of potential, they are dismissed from the study.

In short, this was the process: gather 3D rendering data (theoretical and software related); analyze it based on the previously formultated criteria; obtain a preliminary list of results (basically a list of 3D rendering software); test these programs within the studio’s environment; obtain final results.


The results of the study were then used to formulate recommendations for Studio Analoog which are the following: for an immediate improvement in workflow, quality and time efficiency, use Redshift render engine. This is a new product, with a dedicated development team and which is proving to be one of the best (if not the best) up and coming rendering tool. Its performance is constantly being tested by productions of all levels, ranging from individuals creating small animations to feature film production size and the results do not fail to deliver.

The comparisons with C4D’s physical renderer.


In addition to this recommendation, the results also showcased what direction the rendering market is taking and with this the 3D content creation as a whole. This helps Studio Analoog understand the current and future trends in the industry and stay up-to-date and ahead of its competitors.

It is through efforts such as the realization of this research that the studio is constantly working towards improving its quality standards. This translates into powerful products which satisfy clients and capture audiences.

Soon our first project rendered in Redshift will go live, so stay tuned!

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