Inspiration: Lytro Cinema Camera

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Inspiration: Lytro Cinema Camera

Exciting new technology up ahead! Lytro has amazed us with the feature-overloaded Lytro Cinema camera. It’s able to capture light waves, including their angle and direction. The 755 MP micro-lens array sensor allows it to create a partially reconstructed 3D space up to 300 fps. This enables changing focus, shutter speed, framerate and aperture after filming (definitely something we could have used in the past!)


Lytro Cinema depth of field
This camera is literally overloaded with new features as it is also able to reposition the camera angle, create stereoscopic 3D images with only one lens and keying objects without the use of a green screen but based on depth. This makes it the ultimate VFX tool; something we would definitely like to get our hands on. It will be available for production teams to rent in late 2016 (although logically it comes with a hefty price tag)


Lytro camera screenshot

There will be different models available:

Cinema model:

  • Change aperture, depth map (includes keying objects), motion blur
  • 755 MP
  • Up to 300 fps
  • Captures light waves
  • Uses micro lens array sensor
  • Captures light including angle and direction (creating a point cloud?)
  • For VFX pros
  • Reposition the camera angle
  • Tweak framerate
  • Tweak shutter speed
  • available for production teams to rent in late 2016.

Illum model:

  • for consumers

Immerge model:

  • 360 video capture
  • VR video capture


We highly recommend watching the camera in action in the coverage by No Film School.

(the screenshots were taken from their video as well.)


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