Internship 3D Motion designer



We’re looking for a passionate 3D Artist & Animator who enjoys working on challenging projects and wants to take leaps in their development.



Our projects are very diverse, but they share one common factor: they reinforce a brand with moving images. Could be to explain a product, service or process, or maybe a commercial or a complete audio visual identity. We do this through motion graphics, 3D animation and film, or we put together a perfect combination that suits the customer’s needs.

During your internship you’ll be immersed in the production process. You’ll keep busy creating storyboards and new designs; get a better grip on optimising animation and all the composites; and learn how to pull it all together into a final format. We give you the attention and support that you need.

You’ll learn how to present your final design to your colleagues or our customers. You can specify what you want to learn and which aspects you don’t yet have a handle on. Based on the feedback you give us, we can put you into specific projects to strengthen your skills and make your best even better.



In ten years we’ve grown into the most prominent motion graphics studio of Rotterdam. Our animations are always custom made and we work on different projects but everytime with the target audience as our main focus. This way we strengthen brands and companies with movement. Amongst our clients you’ll find organisations such as NS, Gemeente Rotterdam, REV’IT!, Pathé Thuis en Rotterdam AHOY. As a small studio we maintain a unique corporate culture where you’re opinion counts just as much. We like to work in a relaxed, personal and informal environment and inspire each other everyday with the latest in films, art, games and gadgets.



  • you’re able to demonstrate various 3D modelling techniques
  • you’ve got a refined sense of animation
  • you know how to develop a good concept
  • you enjoy learning about and understanding new subjects
  • you’ve mastered various 3D techniques
  • you know how to create a presentable 3D render of your models
  • you’ve mastered at least one 3D application
  • you’ve got excellent knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator
  • you’re sharp and focused
  • knowledge of composites is a bonus
  • you’ve got an independent and inquisitive attitude
  • you’re assertive and can express yourself in detail
  • you’re ambitious
  • you can push through and have great resolving capabilities
  • you’re self assured, but you can also handle feedback well


We offer you the opportunity to expand your skill set and to be part of our team. You’ll work on projects from beginning to end. Sure, we’ll reward you for your efforts with a nice internship compensation. But above all, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that you experience a diverse, educational and cool internship with us!

Fill in the form below and show us what you can do. Don’t forget to include your resume and motivation. We’d love to hear from you!


N.B. Agency inquiries for this vacancy are not welcome.

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