Internship 3D Animator & Artist

Internship job posting // 3D Artist & Animator // begin 2018 - mid 2018

We’re looking for a passionate 3D Artist & Animator. Someone who enjoys working on challenging projects, and wants to take leaps in his or her development.  


Does your pulse race at the thought of the hottest motion graphics in movies, animations and commercials? Want to learn so much in this half year internship that your head will overflow with cool new ideas, readying you for your graduation project? Don’t wait too long…
Read more below.

Our projects are quite diverse, but they share one common factor: they reinforce a brand with moving images. Could be to explain a product, service or process, or maybe a commercial or a complete audio visual identity. We do this through motion graphics, 3D animation and film, or we put together a perfect combination to suit a customer’s needs.

During your internship you’ll be immersed in the production process. You’ll keep busy creating story boards and new designs; get a better grip on optimising animation and all the composites; and learn how to pull it all together into a final format. We give you the attention and support that you need.

You learn how to present your final design to your colleagues or our customers. You can specify what you want to learn and which aspects you don’t yet have a handle on. Based on the feedback you give us, we can put you into specific projects to strengthen your skills and make your best even better.

We want to help you become not only technically a much better designer than you already are, but also give you the worthwhile experience on the ins and outs of working in a creative studio.

We have delivered amazing projects for Pathé Thuis, 538, Arcadis and City of Rotterdam. You’ll also get to work on the next Stage animation, our own successful animation project. This project offers you the opportunity to explore new techniques, test them and demonstrate your findings to the rest of the team.

Here are the qualities we’d like in a 3D Artist & Animator intern:

  • Can demonstrate various 3D modelling techniques
  • Able to create a jaw-dropping rendering of a 3D model
  • Can translate a request into a strong story
  • Refined sense of animation
  • Mastery of any 3D package
  • Excellent knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Sharp and focused
  • Knowledge of composites is an advantage
  • An independent and inquisitive attitude
  • Assertive and can express yourself in detail
  • Ambitious
  • Can push through and have strong resolve
  • Self assured, but you can still listen to others


We offer you the opportunity to expand your skill set and to be part of our team. You’ll work on projects from beginning to end. Sure, we’ll reward you for your efforts with a nice placement fee. But above all, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that you experience a diverse, educational and cool internship with us!

Complete the form below and send us a link to your portfolio. Remember to include your current CV

and motivation letter. Come on, show us what you can do!

N.B. Agency inquiries for this vacancy are not welcome.



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