Internship Motion Graphics Designer


Are you a passionate Motion Graphics Designers who is always up to date with the latest 2D and 3D design and motion graphics trends? Would you like to work on challenging projects and take leap in your development? Then this internship as a Motion Graphics Designer is the perfect position for you.



During your Motion Designer internship you’ll be immersed in the production process. In this way you will learn to start a project, produce a project and bring it all together into a final format. We create productions which we as well as our customers can be proud of! Your job in reaching this goal is to search for inspiration, storyboard and make designs. This will get you a better grip on optimising animation and all the composites. Thereafter you will learn how to present your final design to your colleagues or our customers. We give you the attention and support that you need.

We think it is important that as part of our team you will experience an unforgettable internship and have fun at what you do! That is why there is plenty of room during your internship for your own personal development and wishes. We give you the attention and support that you need. At the same time, You can specify what you want to learn and which aspects you don’t yet have a handle on. Based on the feedback you give us, we can put you into specific projects to strengthen your skills and make your best even better. We also work on our own projects and dailies which will give you the possibility to discover new techniques, present them and blow our team away!

We promise during your internship you will develop into a better motion designer you already are!



In ten years we’ve grown into the most prominent motion graphics studio of Rotterdam. Our animations are always custom made and we work on different projects but everytime with the target audience as our main focus. This way we strengthen brands and companies with movement. Amongst our clients you’ll find organisations such as NS, Fokker Services Gemeente Rotterdam, REV’IT!, Pathé Thuis en Rotterdam AHOY. As an animationstudio we maintain a unique corporate culture where you’re opinion counts just as much. We like to work in a relaxed, personal and informal environment and inspire each other everyday with the latest in films, art, games and gadgets.



  • you follow a relevant study and show your talent with your portfolio
  • your work shows that you’re a good storyteller
  • you know how to get an animation smooth
  • you enjoy diving into unknown subjects
  • you are creative: you can easily create beautiful designs
  • you can design and animate in 2D and 3D
  • you can also work independently
  • you persevere and solve problems yourself
  • You are stubborn but you can also handle feedback
  • you want to get the best out of your work


We offer you the opportunity to expand your skill set and to be part of our team. You can partly work from home but we would also like to see you at the office. You’ll work on projects from beginning to end. Sure, we’ll reward you for your efforts with a nice internship compensation. But above all, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that you experience a diverse, educational and cool internship within our animation company!

Fill in the form below and show us what you can do. Don’t forget to include your resume and motivation. We’d love to hear from you!


N.B. Agency inquiries for this vacancy are not welcome.

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