Introducing Jasper: 3D motion design intern

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Introducing Jasper: 3D motion design intern


My name is Jasper, I’m a third year student at the AKV|St.Joost art academy in Breda, the Netherlands.
I’m the new keyboard presser a.k.a. intern at Studio Analoog.
I’m doing this internship so I can develop a hybrid style using multiple animation techniques. I believe that storytelling is at the heart of animation and I try to pick the most suitable style for every project.

Animation is the ultimate artform to me because it involves all my interests, for example: drawing, storytelling and music.
Besides the advanced technical skills needed for 3D animation at Studio Analoog, I’m also trying to impress my colleagues with my pen scraping hand drawn frame-by-frame animations. My pen tablet is my best friend which I’m always carrying around so I can draw animations at any moment!

I think this is a great opportunity for me to learn a lot about working in a studio environment and to create high-quality content for both national and international clients. Teamwork is key to have a streamlined production workflow and to combine all the specialisms of the talented people working here.
And to blow off some steam between hard work days, we compete to each other with table football during the lunch break. My mission is to beat my boss at least once by the end of my internship.

I’m looking forward to dominate the world with mind-blowing work with these enthusiastic folks, starting with Stage 3: Transporting Rotterdam!


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