Introducing Meike

Hey, my name is Meike. I moved to Rotterdam from the exotic city of Enschede to be a Graphic and Motion Designer here at Studio Analoog.
My study in Crossmedia Design has shown me the many facets of design, from typography, to photography. Animation was one of those facets which stood out for me; bringing your designs to life is oddly satisfying and addictive.
Studio Analoog gave me the chance to expand my knowledge during an internship. Besides animation I was also taught some serious organisation skills (since these were pretty much non-existent, in my case) and how it’s like to work in a team.
A year later, after finishing my studies, I was invited to join the team full-time. An invitation I gladly accepted. My learning path is far from over, but there are plenty of opportunities here that will help me reach my goals to become a better designer and animator.
As they would say in Enschede: ajuus!

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