Introducing Sander: 3D designer / animation intern

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Introducing Sander: 3D designer / animation intern

Hi! My name is Sander Wezenbeek and I’m one of the new interns at Studio Analoog. Not entirely new though, as this is my second internship here at the studio.

I’m a 23 year old animator currently in my third year at the AKV. St.Joost in Breda.

I like working with both 3D and 2D animation techniques, but I also enjoy the post-production side of the job and the editing that comes with it.

Nowadays I focus mostly on specialising myself in 3D design by experimenting and learning new ways to conquer difficult obstacles. This way I’ll hope to find new techniques which I can apply to improve my skills. At the moment we’re working on Stage 3: Transporting Rotterdam, which gives me the opportunity to apply some new techniques I’ve been hoping to use.

I enjoy challenging myself with these tasks as they allow me to further develop myself in this creative industry.

What I like most about the industry as a whole is that it continues to thrive and develop new ways to share experiences with the public. It’s not just about telling a narrative or delivering information, but also about making your audience connect with your story.
I can’t wait to encounter new exciting challenges, and look forward to work with and learn more from this awesome team over at Studio Analoog!  

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