Introduction new interns: Jan & Machiel




stage Jan Machiel


New year, new interns! Machiel (left) and Jan (right) introduce themselves:


Hey! I’m Machiel van Hoek, the latest motion design intern at Studio Analoog.

Currently I’m in the exam year of my study: Mediadesign/Animation in Den Bosch. During my Mbo studie I’ve made big steps as a designer because when I hadn’t begun my study I also didn’t show a lot of interest in this area. These last years that changed drastically as I’ll be starting at the Academy of Arts Sint Joost in Breda next year!

But first my half year internship as motion designer at Studio Analoog. I chose for this company because I’m always looking for new challenges and unknown workflows. For this Studio Analoog fits me perfectly.

I’m interested in music a lot. I play the bass guitar and you can also find me at varied types of concerts a lot. I prefer to listen to Folk rock, but I’m comfortable with many music styles.

I’m highly motivated to get cracking, become the Foosball king and to be a great addition to the team.

Bring it on!



Hello! I’m Jan Bexterman and I’m the new 3D Animation intern at Studio Analoog.

A couple of years ago I started at the Grafisch Lyceum which got me into the animation and motion design department. After 4 years I still hadn’t had enough so I continued studying and now I’m in my third year Animation at the Willem De Kooning Academy.

Because of these two studies I’ve seen every nook and cranny of the animation and motion design world. From my first glance of 3D and motion graphics at the Grafisch Lyceum to the classical frame by frame animation, model art drawing sessions and a little bit of game design at Willem De Kooning. I’ve never specialized myself in one technique or style and went back and forth from 2D to 3D the last couple of years.

For my internship I thought it would be a good decision to go back to my 3D roots at Studio Analoog. Apart from the software and creative knowledge I’ll be picking up working on cool projects, there’s also a lot for me to learn about how to handle big projects and working with clients.

We’ll see what I’ll be making these next couple of months, looking forward to it!


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