Our project phasing

  • Our Phasing


    On this page we explain the process we apply when developing an animation in a step by step way.


Kick-off Workshop
During kick-off we present the project development trajectory. We’ll discuss who’s involved with the project and the concept planning including deliverables, deadlines and feedback opportunities. We’ll also organize a workshop to shape the content and storyline of the animation.

Definitive Planning
The planning will be adjusted after the kickoff workshop and shared with the client.


An image sequence that depict the camera and object animation based on the discussed content and visual brainstorm results.


– Composition
– Shots length
– Shots order

The document that contains all information that will be processed in the animation described per scene and shot length. Also the concept voice-over text and infographic content will be included.


– Animation content (and its completeness)
– Infographics content (and its completeness)
– Voice-over tone of voice

Concept Design
Based on the corporate identity we’ll conduct a study on how to apply colors and fonts in the project. It’s possible we’ll add colors and fonts suitable for the video. After this we expand the document with concept studies for the design of the animation.


– Color palette additions
– Font additions
– Concept design

Animated Storyboard
The storyboard is animated to determine the flow and timing of the animation per shot. This will be supported by the first draft of the voice-over.

Animatic An animated preview in which simplified assets are used to visualise the scenes. This deliverable is about determining timings for the scenes, objects and camera movement and not the design.

– Scene objects placement for composition
– Camera timing and flow
– Correcte placement / camera path
– Timing necessary object animation  

Styleframes A styleframe is a visual resemblance of pre determined shots from the animation based on the concept design guide. This includes 3D models and compositing to present an accurate visualization of the final animation design.

– Color application
– Font application
– Overall design/look ‘n feel  


Pre-animation The final models and designs are placed in the scene with the right timings and camera animation based on the animatic. We also add the draft voice-over to support the animation and animate any necessary key object.

– Final models and designs
– Voice-over
– Model and design compositions with camera movement 

Asset Animation All 2D assets and 3D models will be animated scene by scene. We’ll provide periodic status updates to inform about the project progression.

– 2D asset animation
– 3D asset animation  

Video consists of multiple frames (25 frames) per second. Every frame is calculated separately. The (render)time per frame depends on the technique (2D/3D), the level of detail, lighting and resolution and can take up to multiple days in extreme cases. When the deadline is short the rendering will be outsourced.

Final preview animation
The pre final render of the complete animation. In this render all 2D and 3D object animation, 3D environment and camera movement are included. The lesser render quality ensures a quicker result ready for feedback.


– Correct lighting / shadowing
– 2D assets placement
– Complete animation (object and environment)
– Final voice-over preview


Music, sound effects and voice-over are mixed and synced perfectly together. We then add this mixdown to the animation.


– Sound effects
– Sound level/balance

Touching up and perfecting the entire animation and adding additional effects and color grading. This way we provide the animation with the right look tailored for your target audience.


    Animation and sound are being combined, the animation will be rendered in high quality and delivered in the predetermined file format.

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