JUAL 3D Product visualisation

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Grillo Dakafwerkingen

3D product visualisation Jual


Grillo Dakafwerkingen has a wide variety of product for any rooftop, including the Jual rooftop outlet. This innovative product from Denmark is produced ánd assembled within the factory; a unique process compared to the traditional outlet which comes in several pieces. Our 3D animation dives deeper into the production process and unique selling points of Jual.

The solution for every rooftop

Your ordinary outlet is sensitive to time, rain and wind, due to the separate montage of all parts, resulting in inevitable leakage. In a cross section of the roof these current problems are pinpointed. So what makes Jual stand out compared to the current rooftop outlets? The 3D product visualisation highlight all parts of the Jual outlet from every angle, giving our viewer a closer look at the USP’s.

A trustworthy brand

In case of Jual the production-and installation process are the most important USP’s. By being transparent about the process the end-user, the thatcher, will have a better comprehension of the product and its quality. The animation help build a trustworthy brand with a stronger market position.

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