Animated Presentation – 538 Group Event

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538 Group

Animated Presentation


Every autumn the radio 538 group organizes an event where a summary of the past year is presented, but also the new advertising opportunities for the 538 group are unveiled for the coming year.

We have created multiple animations for this event: an event introduction; an infographic motion graphic charting contemporary radio consumption; and an animation that shows the possibilities with regard to online radio shows, including the new 538 site and several mobile apps.

Just before the autumn event, the new 538 site and several mobile apps went live. These new platforms offer several new advertising opportunities. Studio Analoog designed a 3D animation where a clean environment focuses on the interfaces, and where an ongoing story provides the common thread that forges the applications together.

A powerful, animated intro at the start of your presentation will reel in the crowd. We make sure the animation is on the same page as your message and company. Want to know how animation can give your presentation a boost?

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5 3 8 VFX Breakdown 

The 538 group went all out during their year end event… and so did we with this VFX breakdown. Get an insight into the various animations that we produced to give the event an audiovisual boost.

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