Animation area development Zoetermeer

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Gemeente Zoetermeer

Animation area development Zoetermeer


If you visit Zoetermeer, there is a good chance that you are driving from the A12 on the Afrikaweg towards the city center. The area around the Afrikaweg is not an attractive area to stay at the moment and is also faced with a lot of vacant office buildings. The Municipality of Zoetermeer has the plan to do something about this in the coming years. With this plan (called Entree), the intention is to turn this into a lively city district with homes, shops and offices.

From outline drawing to animation with experience

The infrastructural plan has been drawn up by the municipality and has almost been elaborated, but the definitive details of the buildings are not yet finalized. Our task is to provide a vision of the future in the form of an animation! We have realized this in collaboration with Roos en van de Werk.
When we started developing the animation, we had relatively little visual input available. We started with a 2D overview drawing on which the most up-to-date implementation of the plan was available at that time. We also had a rough mockup of the buildings in the form of a 3D model that we used as a guideline to define the content of the buildings. We have based this interpretation on several documents with studies by various parties (including an urban development office, landscape architects and architects). The looping video shows a bird’s eye view of what this development entailed.

Design choice and development

We have based the design on architectural models in which mostly natural materials are known for, such as wood, felt, cardboard, foam, glass and metal. The animation storyline is split into two parts. The first part shows the structure buildup of the infrastructure, greenery and buildings. In the second part we give an impression of the atmosphere of the habitat that the users will get. Here we go through a day from morning to evening.

More experience with characters

In the second part of the animation we show life in the city district. We have placed the future users in the form of miniature characters in the scenes.
To show the experience we have animated some of the characters present in the animation. This gives the viewer a better sense of the liveliness of the city district

From internal presentation to commercial video

The animation is set up as a modular video. Initially, the video was used internally at the municipality as a presentation tool in various phases. Later the video became part of the Entree homepage with a public function. And at a later moment we will convert the animation into one or more videos with a commercial character aimed at the potential end user of the city district.

Do you also have a plan in the concept phase that you want to communicate to your target group?


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