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Animation business services


Rhenus is one of the largest providers of logistics business services worldwide. Rhenus Air & Ocean offers a specific service within container transport, LCL. This stands for “Less than a Container Load”, which means that a container is filled with goods from several Rhenus customers. We have developed an animation video to show how this works.

The right animation technique

This project lends itself well to the use of 3D animation, so we can display the various steps within this fairly complex process well and simply. We have developed a highly simplified general style with carefully selected realistic models. We have used wire overlays to give more focus to important elements. This also determines the style of the video.

A complete package from website to social video

We have developed a full length video that serves as an informational animation on the Rhenus website. In addition, we have delivered a medium and short version to each highlight a specific part. Rhenus has used these variants for sponsored social media campaigns.

Stock video can be a smart choice

In this production we also used stock video. This is a very accessible and affordable alternative to shooting the footage yourself. But it is often recognizable as stock material and feels a bit cheap. This is not the case if you edit the images smartly as we did for this video. See the breakdown for the process and the result.

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