Animation Stage 2: Rebuilding Rotterdam

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Stage 2: De wederopbouw van Rotterdam

Modureel Animation


At last, we proudly present the next part in our Stage modureel. Brand new, and better than Stage 1 in every aspect. Stage 2 is all about Rebuilding Rotterdam.

Why the Stage modureel?
We create these ‘Stages’ completely independent, on our own initiative. The idea of creating these Stages sprouted from the desire to show the world what we are capable of within a subject that resonates with us personally: Rotterdam. We use these Stages to experiment and push our limits, so that we can continue growing as a company. Our team is constantly evolving with the coming and going of new interns, which results in different skills sets, new knowledge and different opinions regarding design and animation. This only makes each new Stage part stronger and more original! With every new Stage part we have two goals: surpass the old part and apply new techniques.

Stage 2

Stage 1 visualises the development of Rotterdam in an abstract way, up until the devastating bombardment during World War II.  Stage 2 on the other hand, focusses on the reconstruction of the city, with a journey through all the exciting hotspots that sprouted in the last few decades.

Instead of rebuilding the city in a chronological order, we decided to animate all the buildings in order of appearance for a more pleasant viewer experience.

Not only did we drastically improve the amount of detail in the 3D models and animation; we also spend more time on the post-production of the animation such as compositing and colour correction. We’re so proud of the result! Special credits go to our team; Rowan, Serdar, Sander, Alain and Kevin. We’d also like to give credit to Tuur of Sonic Picnic, who created the perfectly suited sound design and music.


Stage 3: Transporting Rotterdam

In the meanwhile the production for Stage 3: Transporting Rotterdam is in full swing. Because what’s a city without its transportation network? On top of that, Rotterdam has one of the largest ports in the world. More than enough reasons to devote a Stage to this subject. Keep an eye out for sneak previews of Stage 3: Transporting Rotterdam on our News page and social media.



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