Animated video for medical software by VPI

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VPI Reveal

Animated video for innovative medical software solution 


Reveal is an innovative software solution aimed at medical professionals. It translates CT- and MRI datasets real time into full 3D holographic imagery. By using stereoscopic 3D glasses the user is able to fly through the body, toggle the visibility of tissue and get a clear picture of the anatomy and pathology.

Studio Analoog was asked to communicate this technical matter in an understandable manner in an animated video.
The focus within the animation is on the ease of use of the application and on the diversity of situations in which this tool can be used. Stereoscopy ensures that the actual depth is visible in the 3D image. The way in which the user experiences this cannot be captured in image, but by combining a combination of isometric illustration and 3D elements, its spatiality is emphasized.

By choosing to only visualise the anatomy and the body in 3D we feel like we came close to actual user experience. This, in combination with the right amount of abstraction and a clean colour palette, makes for an accessible and easy to understand animation. A video that VPI uses to sell their complex product and idea.

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