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Springlife Medical

Promotion and explanation animation medical product


Studio Analoog has made two animations for Springlife Medical. One to present the new product, and one that can be used as a manual. The Spring2 is a device that relieves nerve pain by means of pulsating radio waves. The device can be used in various ways by medical professionals such as neurologists and anesthetists.

Innovative technology

The innovative character of the product includes its manageability and small size, making it portable. The device can also use pulsed radio frequency in two different ways, namely invasive with skin electrodes. In order to visualize this properly, we investigated exactly how this method of pain relief works, what exactly the device does and how to visualize pain. These different features and treatment methods are explained in the commercial video.

Because the product is sold internationally, it is necessary to provide a manual for this in different languages. To overcome this, an animation has been made in which all settings and options are explained and explained, and this can be referenced by the user as a reference. At the same time, this is an ideal introduction during the first use of the Spring2, in the same visual style as the other communications. Do you also want to explain a medical product using animation? Get in touch with us! CONTACT

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