Het plein van Leiden

architectural animation


Heijmans N.V. is a major European construction-services business with Dutch-based headquarters. Approximately 4,700 employees work on a daily basis from these business areas on the spatial planning of the Netherlands.


Heijmans was assigned to reconstruct ‘Het Plein van Leiden’; a shopping area surrounded by residential accommodations in the north of Leiden. On time of writing the renovations are in good progress and the area is becoming more vibrant by the day. 

The goal

We were asked by Heijmans to capture the ambience of the neighborhood through a series of floor plans, interior 3D visuals and cross sections of the houses, which will provide in-depth information for potential buyers. 

Our solution

Architecture and 3D visuals are already a well known combination. We took the opportunity to combine these two into an animation, which will give current as well as future residents insight into the impact on the atmosphere and liveability of the area.

final result

This project brought us new challenges, but in the end we managed to make a coherent series; combining 2D and 3D, stills and animation, into one project.


While Heijmans was focusing mainly on the development of the constructions, we helped and created the promotional visuals in the process.


The different deliverables were used to communicate about the project to the target audience both on the website and in internal communication sources.

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