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Pathé Thuis

Cinema commercial


Since 2012 Pathé Thuis offers the most recent movie cinema movie content straight into the users home. 2016 will add a new user group: the smartphone user. For promotional purposes Studio Analoog developed the new Pathé Thuis smartphone app commercial that will connect your cinema experience to your smartphone. The animation starts fragile and ends in a cinema worthy climax with a surprising finale.

Growth of the Pathé Thuis commercial

Thanks to this new cinema commercial the Pathé Thuis app download rate has risen 75% and has been viewed over one million times in theaters!

Ever since the launch of the video on demand service we’ve developed multiple promotional Pathé Thuis productions. Among them are an explanatory video for social media, the very first Pathé Thuis animated cinema commercial and we’ve also made our television debut.

Activate your target audience

The animation stimulated a great increase in app downloads and boosted the Pathé Thuis brand. Beside being a powerful tool in theaters the animation is also used on online social media campaigns introducing audiences both in and outside theaters with the video on demand service on their smartphone.

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