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Willem the new film app

Cinema commercial


The Dutch app Willem is an interesting application for film lovers. You see when the newest films are released, where you see them first and what is currently trending. The social interaction is unique to the app. You see which movies your friends have watched and which they still want to see. To promote the app, Studio Analoog developed the new cinema commercial introducing the most important features.

Concept and design choices

Based on the current app icons we have made a new set for the most important features of Willem.
We then translated the design into 3D. This makes the icons more recognizable and allows us to take the animation to a higher level. The Willem app contains many different movie posters. Each with its own appearance and story. We have reflected this in the commercial by animating the colors of these posters into the design.

Activate your target audience!

In addition to the promotional video running in the cinema, it can also be used on social media. Introducing unique features of the Willem app to the public.

Also activate your target group? We are happy to help you!


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