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Museum Rotterdam

Collaboration Animation R


We partnered with museum Rotterdam to initiate a unique participation project. A project where about 3000 people have helped in the creation of this animation.

Animation R is an animation project about Rotterdam, by Rotterdam. Based on the abstract view of the city that we created with Stage 2, this animation shows Rotterdam through the eyes of its citizens.

We started with the city of Rotterdam layout from Stage 2. Here, we came up with a number of interesting themes, developed the course of the animation and then printed every frame from the entire animation. We distributed the frames among the participants. Each participant created their own interpretation of their frame by attaching tracing paper to it and drawing their own design on the overlaying paper. The drawings were then scanned and placed over the animation.

The participants of the project gave their own creative twist to the production of the animation. As a studio, we can lead the conceptual phase of a project to a surprising end result. Are you looking for a unique, creative way to deliver your message?

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Animation R in bits & pieces

Follow us through the process of creating this animated colouring picture. We’ve made the blueprint that, due to the outstanding contribution of our 3000 participants, became the centre piece of an exhibition in Rotterdam.


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