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Cambridge Innovation Center

Company Presentation Animation


Bringing entrepreneurships together in a hub with over 800 companies, building strong local partnerships and thus accelerating the growth of innovative ecosystems in a city. That’s what Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) does. And Rotterdam is up next.

CIC will be stationed in the Groothandelsgebouw next to Rotterdam Central Station; but not just by renting an office there. They’re planning a complete revamp of their floor in order to be able to start a massive cross pollination of upcoming startups.

Captured as an abstract, simplified representation of the Groothandelsgebouw, we’ve animated the entire transformation, including its effect after completion. Aided by infographics this animation has been used to help realise funding this ambitious plan.

Got a lot to tell in your presentation? Animation helps you captivate your audience with a unique way of presenting your core values. This can be a full length animation to cover your whole story, like CIC, or a addition to your slides, for example an animated infographic. Let us help you give you the best presentation, with animation!

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