Crowdfunding campaign video for IQ²

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Crowdfunding campaign video


For the sporty cyclist, using a power meter is an interesting step to further improve performance. However, the current market supply falls short in terms of endurance, accuracy, installation comfort and pricing. IQ² will be changing this with the development of a power meter that offers only advantages and is very affordable to every cyclist.

Advantage and use of a power meter

When improving your cycling performance you need input to determine your level. A power meter shows the amount of force both legs are delivering during a training so you’re able to dose accordingly and maximise performance.

A power meter for everyone

The team behind IQ² consists of passionate cyclists who are convinced of the possibility to develop an affordable power meter voor everyone. They conducted research to determine how they could drastically lower the price, eliminate the current disadvantages and which considerations a cyclist would make before deciding on which power meter they would want to use.

Crowdfunding campaign

The theory for the realisation of the power meter is solid, but an invention like this needs investors to become reality. In able to convince the target audience a collaboration was started for the development of a crowdfunding campaign. Not just to explain about the product but also to acquire the necessary funding to start manufacturing.

From concept to realisation

Together with Blickfänger we started with the fundament of the campaign: a crowdfunding video with the right balance between motivation, research, product information and a call to action. The video has been made to enthuse the viewer and also to make a pledge on the campaign page. The combination of real life footage, animation, stimulating texts and custom audio summarize this challenging project perfectly.

IQ²  in the media

Apart from the crowdfunding campaign the IQ² power meter has been featured on some of the go to cyclist sites such as Global Cycling Network and DC Rainmaker. A huge compliment and a very nice exposure boost for the campaign!

Check the complete campaign

Beside the crowdfunding video we’ve also provided the complete design for the Kickstarter page. Based on the designs used in the video we developed a set of images that support the in depth story behind the product. The result is a streamlined campaign page that brings not only a technical but also a graphic conclusion.

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