DGTV Feature animations for the marketing toolkit

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DGTV Feature animation series

Short feature animations

After developing the promotional explainer animation for Deutsche Glasfaser in which the functionality of their DGTV service is explained, we were asked to create a series of short feature animations that would explain service features separately. The existing elements are combined with a customised design suitable for the development of a video format. It was required that this format could then be used to develop the various feature animations.

Combining elements in a smart way

Together with DGF we figured out which parts from the existing animation would be reused and which brand elements we would use to create a new, effective addition for a fresh reinvention of the design that would still tie in with the full length DGTV animation. Based on the corporate identity we gathered and designed the elements that defined the image of the company. Combined with the already developed interface animations a brand new product was there, ready for use on all DGTV marketing channels!

New design, familiar content The result is a set of feature animations, expandable and with a renewed design that still fits the full length animation that’s being used on the DGTV homepage. By using this video format it’s possible to create additional feature animations from existing and new features of the DGTV service in a relatively short period of time, extending the marketing toolkit.


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