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As brand of an independent cultural platform with a network consisting of 80 newspapers and magazine you want to make a lasting impression on your target audience. For this reason the editorial staff of Eurozine inspired themselves to strengthen their brand with movement by us. An important detail is that this has also been the first time for Eurozine to let their brand get acquainted with animation. This led to a challenging project where the corporate identity had to be preserved while introducing a new element (animation!).

Concepting, concepting and concepting

To get to the final result we started by understanding the essence of Eurozine; behind every great logo animation is a well thought story that is connected to the company’s vision. After this the concepting phase starts in which we come up with numerous ideas, but also eliminated many ideas to converge to that one and best result. For the Eurozine logo animation we let ourselves become inspired by the work they do; offer everyone in Europe a platform for them to offer and share news with each other.

A bridge to animation

With this logo animation Eurozine struck a bridge between their brand and motion. With this a baseline has been set to further expand their identity with design possibilities combines with animation. A powerful way of providing the content they offer to their target audience with an even more convincing way of presentation.

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