EVA NEXUS™ ophthalmic surgical system animation

3D Animation, Branding, Explanation, Medical, Product video

D.O.R.C. (Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center) International

Medical product animations


In collaboration with a global market leader in ophthalmic surgical equipment, instruments and liquids, D.O.R.C., we are creating a series of animations. Standalone animations were developed for the EVA NEXUS™ surgical system, used for cataract, retina and combined surgery, and various related instrument innovations. To inform and generate interest within a major target group of eye surgeons and nursing staff.

Long-term collaboration

We advised D.O.R.C. to create a complete package of assets for multiple platforms. During the projects we worked closely with both the D.O.R.C. team and leading clinicians, who helped develop the products and advised us during the process of creating the animations. Their enthusiasm has led to continuous incoming requests on more elaborate variations for different purposes, e.g. training videos, printable stills, social shorts, presentation material etc.

Match between abstraction and realism

The instructional animation videos highlight the innovative features and give surgeons insight in the use of the system/products due to the right match between abstraction and realism. The complex nature of the topic of eye surgery led to an extensive research and concept design phase. Precision while not overcomplicating in all aspects of animation, illustration, simulation and message was key in this project.

Consistency within look and feel

With a refresh of the branding and a recognizable, clean look and feel, we created an overall unity in animation communication and additional assets. This next level of animation is a new start for D.O.R.C. to visualize and explain their products. The new design language was implemented on all platforms.

Successful launch

In March 2022 EVA NEXUS™ was launched. The animations have contributed to a successful launch as they were implementable for a variety of platforms. The animations were shown and displayed at conferences, during webinars, on the website and in sales meetings. This all led to positive feedback from leading surgeons, social media engagement, inbound leads and demo requests.

Product awareness and interest

With the animations D.O.R.C. was able to generate curiosity for its new innovations, enhance the launch communication by communicating benefits and create interest in the product from the target audience.

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