Explanation animation for Energiesprong

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Explanation animation with commercial character


For Energiesprong we were asked to create the concept and design for the visualization of the added value of Net Zero Energy retrofits. A NZE house generates as much energy as is needed for heating the house, providing hot water and powers its household appliances. The explanation animation explains what NZE is, how it works, what the results are and the role of Energiesprong is.

Development of storyline and design

Energiesprong is a complex organization with many different cultures, active in several parts of the world with various target audiences and stakeholders. Together with Energiesprong and Offff studio we created a storyline that is easy to understand. In addition we developed a design that not only matches the Energiesprong brand, but is appealing to all parties involved. Central in the scenario is the older building in which a lot of energy is consumed and wasted. For the first scenes we created different living situations with various 3D characters and assets. We developed the different situations from the ground up, starting with sketches and continuously adding assets that create the look and feel of a home.

Storytelling with visuals

The visuals for the animation are the foundation of the storytelling. By using different textures different concepts are distinguished. For instance, the current situation that needs improvement has a dark environment for the explanatory part of the video a more clear blue environment is used.

Cinematic look and feel

Energiesprong has a worldwide network and is growing internationally, therefore it was important to build the street with the building in a generic environment. The different street scenes have a variety of camera movements and angles, this gives the animation a cinematic look and feel.

Making complex concepts understandable

Animation brings your story to life. It is able to create a unique world in which you can convince your target group of the added value of your brand or product.
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