Explanation Animation Gemeente Rotterdam

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City of Rotterdam

Explanation Animation of Watersquare, Benthemplein


The climate is slowly changing. Because of that the existing sewerage system can no longer drain large amounts of rainwater fast enough, and the streets flood during heavy rainstorms. Rotterdam came up with a solution for this: the water square. The basic principle of the square is to displace rainwater during prolonged or heavy rainfall, which relieves the sewerage system. To make it more attractive, the square integrates a sports field, skating rink and even a dance floor in its various levels.

Studio Analoog designed a 3D animation to explain the possibilities of the water square, that targets everyone from architect to student. We chose to apply four different styles to the development of this animation. It explains the square in step by step explanation animation, finished off with the right motion graphics and sound design.

The animation was highly successful and has been featured on CNN and BBC, where special news stories about the unique Dutch water management were reported.

Our animation went overseas with airing time on both CNN and BBC, as a part of a special on Dutch water management. The visual language is mostly universal, which makes animation suitable for any country!

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