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Maritime Research Institute Netherlands

Explanation animation


Recognized top research institute MARIN is building a Zero Emission Lab, together with the maritime sector, where they develop the ‘Engine Room of the Future’. This to reach the ultimate goal of zero emission shipping. The research is important and groundbreaking but difficult to explain to a non-technical audience.

Target audience oriented

MARIN has asked Studio Analoog to create an animation to visualize the current problem situation, the operation of the ZEL and the function and value of the research understandably. Also, the video needs to create support outside of the maritime sector within a general and political audience, but still speak to the maritime sector.

Semi-realistic view

By placing the delivered models of the ZEL and ships in different environments, we have brought the static models to live. The design of the actual test setup was the starting point for visualizing different situations and ship types.

Balance between realism and abstraction

MARIN tests ships in various operating conditions. That is why we have created different realistic sailing conditions for different ship types. With extensive research and new techniques, we have made all elements as realistic as possible. By coordinating this with abstract visuals, there was room to communicate a large amount of information.

Extensive sound design

To empower the animation we have advised and added sound design. The actions that are displayed on screen are brought to live by the added sound effects. In this way every detail is emphasized and the attention of the viewer is catched.

Animation to create awareness within your target audience

The challenge of creating an explanation animation for a general public is making complex information understandable. It is crucial to communicate the aspects in an appealing and understandable way.

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