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Fokker Services

Corporate Brandmovie with animation


Fokker is a name rooted in the history of Aviation. A name well known for many Dutch, and now a name we can proudly add to our portfolio!
As an independent service provider for the aviation industry, the company is responsible for the supply and repairs of parts used in many different aircraft types throughout the commercial aviation industry.
Fokker Services has been visually rebranded in 2020. The original recognisable handwritten Fokker logo remains as a part of the new visual brand identity, though it has been used in a different way.

Fokker Services asked Studio Analoog to visualise and promote the new brand positioning in a cinematic way. To communicate the brand values and core activities we have made a brand movie which, for the first time ever, shows off the rebranded identity. Through the smart combination of film and animation the story of the brands’ history, the inhouse knowledge and the dedication of the employees is told.


We have asked Blickfanger to join us in the realisation of this project. They were responsible for the direction, filming and editing. Together we developed the concept and the story, in which the application of animation as a storytelling tool was set from the beginning. This was all taken into account during the filming process and Studio Analoog added the 3D animations to the footage. Functioning partly as overlays, these animations show the world of Fokker Services through the eyes of the employees.


We have researched the history of Fokker and its connection to Schiphol Airport to get to this final result. To create a correct visualisation of the surroundings we looked into the development of Schiphol throughout the years, from a muddy pasture to the international airport it is today.
Because of the company’s specialisation in Integrated Drive Generators we had to find out what they did and how they functioned. These IDG’s play a big role throughout the brand movie.
To visualise the employees’ perception we designed a consistent visual language which we used in all overlay animations. This has been applied from exploded views of technical parts to visualising the warehouse inventory. To match the animations with the film the shot footage has been motion tracked and converted into a 3D environment. Using this technique we were able to combine both the camera movements and animations into a believable brand film.

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