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Ident logo animation


How to strengthen your brand within seconds and also captivate your audience? Showmax is a online video on demand service; founded in South Africa, but nowadays active worldwide. Their extensive library of movies and series offers a unique chance; a logo intro that gets the audience excited before their show begins and also enhancing brand awareness. We were asked to provide the Showmax logo with this effect.

Brand awareness boost in seconds (and after many concepts!)

Ident logo animations are unique because no other type of animation is being consumed so often, even by the same user. The purpose: an animation that sticks without getting boring. Thus we were able to dive into every detail, perfect every timing and synchronise every frame.

Countless possibilities

With what purpose would you use a logo animation? Before a tv series starts, the animation can act as an introduction, or pop out on any social media timeline. It also creates consistency between your different video production. Curious about more possibilities or do you have a great idea?


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