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Showmax is a part of MultiChoice Group. Showmax uses a localisation strategy to take on established video on demand competitors with a focus on local content and partnerships with mobile telcos. 


Showmax is an online subscription video on demand service which launched in South Africa, but active worldwide. It offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, Showmax Originals, kids shows, sports and more.

The goal

The service needed a logo intro that gets the audience excited before the show begins and also enhances the brand awareness. We were asked to provide the Showmax logo with this effect.

Our solution

We created a ident logo animation. This is unique because no other type of animation is being consumed so often, even by the same user. We wanted the logo to stick with the viewer without ever getting boring.

final result

To strenghthen the Showmax brand, we developed an ident logo to captivate the attention of the audience


To keep the logo excited and keep the viewer captivated, we dove into every detail, perfect every timing and sychronised every frame.


Showmax is is developing new features yearly and expanded in several countries.

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