Infographic corporate presentation for Arcadis & KNHM

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Arcadis & KNHM

Infographic corporate presentation


Arcadis is the leading global natural and built asset design and consultancy firm, covering the whole asset lifecycle. Arcadis is actively involved in infrastructure, architecture and environmental solutions. In collaboration with KNHM they established the MVO programme in 2012. The MVO programme makes it possible for the employees of Arcadis to use their expertise in social projects / citizen initiatives. We have made a presentation infographic to explain and bring attention to the MVO programme.

A personal style

We opted for an illustrative and colourful design, to give the infographic a personal and positive tone-of-voice. The infographic is divided into six areas, with each its own story. The result is a colorful infographic which can be used as a presentation or poster. We can use it for an animation in the nearby future.  In the future we might use this infographic for an infographic animation for Arcadis & KNHM.

Promotion mailing

The MVO programme organizes a College Tour every year, where the employees of Arcadis / KNHM can share their knowledge, motivations and inspiration. To promote the College Tour we’ve sent different mails to all the employees of Arcadis / KNHM, with a visual invitation. Promotional mailing can be very useful to grab the attention of your audience and collect useful data such as click-throughs and views.

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