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538 Group

Infographic presentation


Every autumn the radio 538 group organizes an event where a summary of the past year is presented, but also the new advertising opportunities for the 538 group are unveiled for the coming year.

We have created multiple 3D animations for this event: an event introduction; an infographic presentation about contemporary radio consumption; and an animation that shows the possibilities with regard to online radio shows, including the new 538 site and several mobile apps.

Some might argue that the rise of digital music streaming is standing in the way of radio consumption, but that’s not quite true. The number of people listing to the radio is increasing. We created an infographic motion graphic about how that’s happening, and to what extent. An infographic that summarises the facts in an attractive yet clear way.

An infographic is a great way of communicating information visually. The addition of animation guides the viewer in their way of perception, and helps improve the understanding of the often large amounts of information. This way the 538 Group was able to present their year-end facts & figures in a exciting manner, as is fitting for their brand. Curious about the possibilities?

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5 3 8 VFX Breakdown

The 538 group went all out during their year end event… and so did we with this VFX breakdown. Get an insight into the various animations that we produced to give the event an audiovisual boost.

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