Interface Animation DGTV

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Deutsche Glasfaser 

Interface Animation DGTV

Deutscher Glasfaser is a new fibre optic Internet and TV provider in Germany. DGTV is a platform that supports a new way of watching TV. It combines various video on demand services, live TV broadcasts and catch up TV on one streamlined platform that can be viewed from both television and tablet. An animation was needed to promote their new product.

During the development process, a working version of the interface was not yet available. So we dug deep and worked on developing the intended sense of the animation. Communication that would fit seamlessly with the interactive version of the interface once it was available. The end result? A creative interface animation for their product marketing. The main functions of DGTV are highlighted in a very clean environment, putting as much focus as possible on the interface.

The animations in a digital interface have to be more than a gimmick. They are crucial to a smooth user experience. Where does the focus need to be on screen? What’s the next line of action for the user? Animation is a key step to explain the user how an app and/or interface is put into action.

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