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Maeve Aerospace BV is creating an all electric aircraft to aim for zero emission aviation. Maeve is based at the YesDelft Incubator on the TU Delft Campus at the heart of aviation in the Netherlands. With a team of innovative Aerospace Engineers from across the globe, working hard on cracking the code to enable all-electric flight.


The Maeve 01 is the world’s first all-electric commuter aircraft for the mainstream aviation market. The electric aircraft is suitable for 44 people and can fly up to 550 km. The loading time is estimated to be around 35 minutes and the battery needs to be replaced yearly.

The goal

There was only a technical model available during the development phase. The design was not completely developed and Maeve looked for away to convince the public and potential investors of their innovation. Therefore Maeve asked us to collaborate with them on a strategy to visualise their ideas.

Our solution

We created a set of realistic footage and animations. Together with Maeve we decided on a plan, based on the technical model, to decide which components were needed in which phase.

final result

During different stages of the development process we created footage and animations with the appropriate look & feel and setting.


We brought the technical model to live by using a high end and realistic feel with different environments. As the design was not completely developed, texturing the model was challenging. Within that field of tension we focused on the visuals while Maeve could focus on developing their innovation.


Inspired by our work in the previous phases Maeve asked us to create a big unveil video. In addition, we advised to create three teasers to create interest via social media for the public unveil in January 2022. With every teaser we added more light slowly reveal the video week by week. 

To make sure Maeve has the right materials for different purposes, we created and continue to create a variation of deliverables. Besides the full length animation we made social shorts, clickable loops, stills and stills in 4k. Also, with the rebrand (from Venturi Aviation to Maeve Aviation) we rebranded all the materials. 

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