Marketing animation DGTV

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Marketing animation DGTV

Marketing animation


Deutsche Glasfaser offers her clients a great change in the current way of watching television. Functions such as live pauze, tracking favorites or streaming to your tablet are highly unusual in Germany and DGF is changing this with the DGTV service. In our animation we show you how this service works, giving the viewer a tour through the various functions as if you’re operating the remote.

Animation in your marketing plan

How do you convince your target audience of your product? DGF developed an extensive marketing strategy to achieve this purpose. Animation support the selling of your product and contributes to its persuasiveness by providing insight to your target audience. The DGF animation is also made to be divided in short animations for use on social media, with which your reach will exponentially increase.

Let animation efficiently  grow with your company

In 2014 we developed a similar animation for DGF where the DGTV service was presented in a more concise and sales minded way. After DGF decided to take their product to the next stadium they revamped their corporate identity. During this process the need for a new animation came; focussing on information it shows the DGTV functionality more thoroughly to its users.

Increase your power of persuasion!

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