Marketing explainer animation Maintenance NEXT


Rotterdam Ahoy

marketing explainer animation Maintenance NEXT 2017

Every exhibition is prior to months of preparation and marketing, for both organizer and exhibitor. Rotterdam Ahoy has developed a special ‘toolbox’ to support their exhibitors during this process, which can be seen in our explainer animation. Exhibitors are motivated to take on an active role on the exhibition floor, and reach out to their clients in person.

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Maintenance NEXT

The animation was first put to use for exhibitors of Maintenance NEXT: the epicentre of the maintenance industry for both today and tomorrow. The recognisable red arrow and colours from their corporate identity are seen throughout the design. Within one minute, the animation briefly highlights the subject of the exhibition, but the focus is mainly on the effectivity of the promotion toolbox.

Custom for each exhibition

The animation is split up into two parts; the exhibition itself and the promotional toolbox. This way we can develop a custom animation for every exhibition by visually translating the first part in correspondence with the corporate identity and specific content. Interested in your own series of animations? Contact us for any inquiries!


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