Medical product animation Actifit

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Orteq Sports Medicine

Medical product animation


Orteq asked Studio Analoog to produce an animation on a medical innovative product. Actifit is the first biodegradable synthetic implantable scaffold with a highly interconnected pore structure to help restore meniscal tissue loss.

Accurate clinical visualisation

The purpose of the animations was to create product awareness, communicate the benefits, and create interest in the product within the target audience. A key focus point in creating the animation was the clinical accuracy. By continuously doing research it was made sure the visuals were anatomically correct.

Look and feel

The animations are high end and semi-realistic for the visualisation of the clinical steps. The right synergy between the 3D animated parts and the additional graphic overlays to inform and explain, makes the contents of the storyline understandable and easy to follow.

All in one solution

It was important to develop a wide range of assets for every visual touchpoint of this product. From social media to the most extensive informational animation to the used stills or animation snippets on the landing page and website.

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