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The (Any)Thing

Onboarding video


For the app of the world’s first on-demand movie experience in boutique private cinemas, The (Any)Thing, Studio Analoog has been asked via +Drie to create an onboarding video. The (Any)Thing makes it possible to book a private cinema, chose a movie and manage the settings as temperature, sound and lights of the room.

Combining several concepts

A visit to a cinema of the (Any)Thing is a unique experience. This new concept asks for explanation and therefore an onboarding video. We started of by creating several concepts. After presenting them we combined their strongest features.

Mirroring box

The mirroring box is centralized in the video. The box represents a cinema room of the (Any)Thing were the outside is also a mirroring box. The look and feel of a movie is translated by the projection mapping of colors, images and text on the mirroring box.

Complexity of technique

The use of text in the video was crucial, but to isometrically reflect text on a 2D screen is complex. You can only read the text from one perspective. By simulating a 3D space with three static moments followed by swipes, the text became readable.

Explain your concept!

An innovative, new concept asks for explanation. With animation you can highlight the unique features of your product or service. In addition you can explain in a comprehensive way how it works.

Curious about the possibilities?


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