Pathé Thuis Cinema Commercial


Pathé Thuis

Cinema Commercial


Pathé is the biggest cinema chain in the Netherlands. Plus, they launched a video on demand service that allows you to enjoy the latest movies in the comfort of your own home!

With this cinema commercial Studio Analoog promotes this new service by letting the viewer know that they can now get the cinema experience at home with the new service Pathé Thuis. We also explain in the commercial that there is a large selection of premium films on offer, and you can see straight away on which devices you can tune in to Pathé Thuis.

Our home cinema commercial made a great contribution to the branding and awareness of the existence of Pathé Thuis – the perfect platform for a cinema!

The animation has contributed to a powerful boost of the Pathé Thuis brand, since it was shown directly in movie theaters to the intended target audience. As an addition to the movie theaters, this commercial is also well suited for use on social media for all the viewers at home. One commercial for all the platforms. Sounds interesting?

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VFX Breakdown

This VFX breakdown shows the various steps we took to create the final result for our Pathé cinema commercial.

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