Product Animation Tablet Stand Air



Product Animation Tablet Stand Air


Swipespot is a brand that focuses on designing tablet stands (holders), coupling retail and the web. The Desktab is a compact product that can be provided with a tablet and customisable branding. Additionally, the Desktab can be provided with a pin terminal so that, for example, in-store products can be ordered. Let’s say that the product you want to buy isn’t in stock at that moment. The Desktab can give you the option of next day home delivery of the product.

Our animation has helped convince people of the practicality (necessity) of using tablets in retail, at fairs and in public spaces. This is largely due to the rise of internet sales and the current economic climate.

The tablet stand is a very sleek and elegant product, which we have translated into the look & feel of the animation by using smooth camera movements and subtle music.

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Marketing-wise the animation has contributed to the conviction of the usefulness of tablets in retail, on fairs or in public space, because of the ongoing rise in online sales and the need for a smooth customer journey.

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