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Lagersmit serves the worldwide maritime, dredging, tidal energy, water management and industrial markets with high-quality sealing solutions. Lagersmit has been based in the Netherlands since 1856 and has one mission: to deliver Peace of Mind with the best sealing solutions for ships, pumps and tidal turbines.


The sealing solutions of Lagersmit add quality and reliability to ships, pumps or tidal turbines. Examples of applications include seals for ship’s propulsion shafts, thrusters, gearboxes, tidal turbines and pump shafts.

The goal

Lagersmit has asked Studio Analoog to create animations for a selection of their products to convince both technical and commercial persons of their added value. The goal was to have a set of animations that were able to be used on the website, in presentations, on social media, in sales meetings and at conferences.

Our solution

We started off with one complete informative animation. In addition we created a slightly different design, storyline and format for all the other videos. The animations needed to illustrate all technical aspects, specifications and unique features of the product to convince both the technical minded and the more commercial minded people of the added value of Lagersmit.

final result

The products have been realistically rendered. The animations are clean and stylized with graphics on and around the products highlighting specifics and usp's.


Visualising the products in a correct way was important. By in depth research and with the use of several references, we made sure the animations are technically accurate.


After the production of a first set of animations for Lagersmit, we created additional product animations based on the first project. To promote the products on social media, we created several social shorts.

Every project asks for a unique approach and solution. Let's have a talk and discuss what we can do to help you!

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