Product animations Lagersmit

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Product animations


Lagersmit has asked Studio Analoog to develop product animations with a modern look and feel from a selection of their products. First, a complete information animation of one of the product was created. In addition, the design, storyline and format was adjusted to match the target audience per video.

Look & feel

The animations are clean and stylized with the different specifications and USP’s animated with graphics over and around the products. The products are visualized realistically. De placement of the product and the user environment is visualized more abstract to illustrate the different parts.

Technical accuracy

The accuracy of visualizing all technical aspects, specifications and unique features of the product was important. By doing extensive research and several references to the mechanism of action, it was made sure that the animations are correct and technically accurate.

Convince your target audience

Looking for a way to explain the complexibility of your process or product to your target audience? In collaboration with you we translate and visualize the mechanism of action of your product and convince your target audience.


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