Product video with animation for REV’IT

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Product video with animation


Motorcycle clothing manufacturers REV’IT , have been bringing their products to the market since 1995. The balance between technique, functionality, and design have made their collections well appreciated by both professional and recreational motorcyclists. This year they’ve presented their latest collection at the annual Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) in Milan. Once again we have been able to contribute to the development of a set of product video’s in which the unique selling points of the products were revealed using animation.

Intermot 2016 evolution

Our collaboration with REV’IT started with five product videos for the Intermot 2016. It was very successful because this year REV’IT wanted to integrate video with animation on their exhibition yet again.Like last year, we worked together with Blickfänger to develop seven video’s in which all the innovations of their products were visualized. This year we went a bit further with our technique, with more 3D, motion tracking, custom graphics and various design applications. The result: an even better balance between product, design, and animation that were not to be missed by the EICMA visitors.

75 years of EICMA

Since 1942 the EICMA has been the go-to event where every top of the line innovation and technique concerning motorsport is being showcased. This year over half a million visitors traveled to Milan to enjoy the most recent developments of their favorite occupation. REV’IT wants to offer their audience the best possible experience and also distinguish itself from the 1400 fellow exhibitors. By combining their real, tangible products with animation their target audience can get a realistic sense of the quality of their products. An interesting and innovative option!

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