Promotion campaign for revolutionary windmill

3D Animation, Explanation, Motion Graphics 2, Product Design, Promotion, Video

Mega Windforce

Promotion campaign


The current generation of windturbines isn’t profitable; up until now turbines grew heavier and taller, with less efficiency as a result. Time for a revolutionary new turbine: a smart, innovative design without depending on high maintenance costs and subsidies. With a clear storyline and strong design we translated the complex turbine into a comprehensible animation. You can check the result on the left!


First step: a good storyline that amplifies the necessity of innovation and the function of the turbine. 6 minutes fly by while the viewer is informed, inspired and most of all convinced of the turbine’s qualities. The combination of a well thought out story, visualisation and custom audio by SonicPicnic turn the animation into a cinematic experience, that captivates the audience of potential investors and consumers.

Complete package

With the animation as a foundation we developed a complete promotion campaign. The short teaser was used on social media and the website. Assets from the animation were applied to several other purposes; hand-outs on the i.a. Wind Expo in Tokyo and poster sized prints for exhibition stands. To let the viewer experience the actual size of the turbine we developed a VR experience which places the turbine directly into perspective.

Animation is the perfect way to warm up your audience to a product that’s in development still. With a good design as a foundation it’s a small step to develop other deliverables, such as outtakes, printables and VR. Curious about the possibilities? CONTACT

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